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PTSE team presents at 2016 Instructor Skills Conference

The PTSE team conducted a workshop at the 2016 Instructor Skills Conference to help prepare college instructors and industry trainers in the usage of the process troubleshooting scenarios.

Participants reviewed the instructor and student plans and completed an exercise to help familiarize them with the use of the module in preparation for their students.

Gayle Cannon, industry expert, Martha McKinley, Principal Investigator, and Maribeth Stitt, Lone Star College grant coordinator held a Q & A session for the group. "The workshop was a huge success!," said McKinley.

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Members of the PTSE team attended the 2016 Instructor Skills Conference (ISC), presented by NAPTA, in New Orleans. Maribeth Stitt, Gayle Cannon, and Martha McKinley presented a session.

PTSE industry rep featured in article about high school Process Technology program

Mike Tucker, with Eastman Chemical Company, serves on the PTSE team developing troubleshooting modules. In the Marshall News Messenger (Texas) article, Tucker discusses the importance of process technology programs and the need for new operators.

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